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Ozone Treatment

FREE to all our customers with any service over $200 and for $65 for the service by itself

Ozone treatments are effective at killing mold spores and disinfecting viruses including the corona-type viruses. During the SARS corona virus pandemic in 2003, shock-level ozone had a 99.22% kill rate because pathogens like coronavirus have no defense against ozone.

Studies concluded that if COVID-19 is similar to other coronaviruses, such as SARS or MERS, it could live on surfaces like metal, glass, and plastic for two to nine days. With the Ozone treatment you can eliminate any threat of viruses and/or mold from the entire interior of your vehicle.

This by no means is a cure all or end all and has no guaranteed assurance or claim to prevent the infections present in today’s world, we do however believe that it is a step in the right direction of prevention.