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For Your Subaru, In Oak Grove, Oregon

Subaru vehicles manufacture cars and SUVs that include all-wheel drive, turbocharged engines, and advanced safety systems that make them suitable for family use. Subaru vehicles have some of the industry’s best crash test scores.

At Nick’s Auto Care, we know Subaru vehicles better than Subaru dealerships. Our technicians stay up-to-date on the latest Subaru technology and features to ensure we can handle any repair you might need, whether it’s an oil change or engine replacement. We’re located near Oak Grove, Oregon, and we hope you’ll count on us to keep your Subaru performing at its best.

    If any warning lights appear on your Subaru vehicle, you should head to an auto repair shop right away. You’ll generally need to have your engine oil and filter changed every year. However, if you’re driving in optimal conditions, your vehicle may not require car service for more than a year. At Nick’s Auto Care, our trained technicians can accurately determine when your Subaru needs maintenance. 

    The brake pads on your Subaru vehicle are equipped with a squealing noise that indicates that they need to be replaced. This noise will start when there is about 2 mm of brake pad friction remaining, which is when brake pads need to be replaced. If you are hearing this noise, it means your brake pads should be replaced as soon as possible. (This noise may be present even when you’re not applying the brake pedal.) At Nick’s Auto Care, we can help with all your Subaru service needs.

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